cost of bags - sobering thought

  1. I worked out yesterday that with what I earn it took me 5 days working earnings to purchase my Annie !!! (thank goodness DH's earnings support my bag habit!!)
    Bit sobering though as my DH asked - would you work a whole week and take home no money just to get a new Mulberry?
    Think he despaired of me when I said YES! :yes:

    Don't think my bag habit is sustainable in the long run though - just aswell i'm on a ban till May and have discovered the outlets!

  2. Yep true but then If you add up all the other cr** that you have to pay out,

    We spend £150 each week just for food shopping,£100 `s for gas and electric , council tax the list is endless and what do you have to show for it ?

    At least treating yourself once in a while you can then put up with all the other stuff !!
  3. I don't dare think how much I've spent on bags over the years! Once you've discovered the outlets it makes it virtually impossible to ever pay full price for a Mulberry again. Knowing how fast the current styles get to the outlets, I would always buy my bags from them.
    The way I look at it is - I work hard, I don't smoke, don't drink that much, don't buy designer clothes, my children don't go without, the mortgage is paid each month - but I like my Mulberry bags.
    I know people who are determined to pay off their mortgage by 50. A worthy ambition but they go without - going out, holidays, fun things - and they and their kids look miserable all the blooming time!
  4. ''The way I look at it is - I work hard, I don't smoke, don't drink that much, don't buy designer clothes, my children don't go without, the mortgage is paid each month - but I like my Mulberry bags.''

    ditto - but think i either need to work more hours or get a better paid job when my youngest starts school !!!
  5. I think I love them and feel happy to splurge on them is because they don't feel like they will ever be a waste of money,and will go on for years,not just a season or two.The Vic Beckham jeans Andy got me are summer season,they will be out next year and they will be regarded as 'out' by fashionistas.Waste of nearly £400 quid! But as it was at the peak of my pnd before I was getting treatment,Andy was desparate to cheer me up and insisted on getting them,bless his heart!! But I'll keep them,they may well be a cool vintage thing in a couple of years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ooh- to put it another way if i spent my entire earnings on bags i could probably get about 25 bags a year, so 1 or 2 isn't really that excessive is it????:rolleyes:
  7. When I was working and my career was going well I could have easily afforded a couple of bags without wincing too much!! But that was before Sophie came along and then me not working so yay!! The outlets are a fab option for me too!! And if you are reading it in those terms you have stated then no,1 or 2 a year is actually quite modest!!:tup:
  8. What are five days earnings compared with a lifetime enjoyment of a classic bag?


  9. Absolutely right! There's our Mulberry girls' motto to live by.
  10. Yay!! For enabling!!!:tup::heart:
  11. There's no way I would spend five days wages on one handbag - economically it makes no sense.

    The money would be better off invested in something. And, then, if I made a decent return on the investment, I would buy myself a treat or reinvest the money.

    A lot of people forget about this little thing called "the future". Where they may not be able to earn a decent income to sustain a good lifestyle. But, hey, they've got a nice handbag! :roflmfao:

  12. Hi Nirodha

    What you say makes a lot of sense, but hey we can dream!!

  13. Good job I don't give a rats ass about what you think then isn't? Sod off and spend your weeks wages on a Damier Geant then,oh sorry you already did!!!! Silly me!!! Stick that in your bank for the future!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  14. Is it me or is that rather harsh? If a guy spends £1000 on golf clubs or fishing gear no-one says a word, the cost of a bag may well be a weeks money to some but it sure lasts longer than a lot of other things and if it gives pleasure then why not?, take for instance a holiday....look what you spend and it is over in a week or two.

    Making provision for your future is sensible so long as your fortunate enough to actually have one, however you need to live a little in the short time we are here, and everything is a gamble, just like your 'investment' if it goes 'belly up' then you'll wish you had just bought the damn handbag! :rolleyes:

  15. ITA - tell that to the poor people whom l would presume were high earners of 9/11 or 7/7 in the UK. People spend their money on what gives them pleasure, in my case l have been mortgage free for several years (due to the loss of my father - but l would have given that up to have him still with me) He died so young. I now work hard, earn well and am still able to help my daughters out - l was able to give her the deposit for a flat last year. I havent had any holiday as yet and therefore feel l can justify my spend on bags.

    I should have a good pension when l retire that's if l ever make it. I say live for today - you never know whats round the corner - thank goodness.