Cosmetics Train Case.

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  1. I am looking to purchase a train case. I am always lugging around makeup because from thursday to sunday I am in my bf's apartment or when I go on vacation every couples of months. The ones in sephora are very nice but they are sooo sooo heavy. The leather one they head was nice but had a very light interior which i don't think is practical. Does anyone have a beautiful, practical and comfortable train case or know of any?
  2. I have a Prada nylon train case and I love it. When it gets dirty, I simply wipe it off.
  3. where do i get it??
  4. My friend has this very big black Mac train case and it cost her quite alot too. However, she says it was a waste of money because it was so heavy. Now, she uses a lighter one that she bought from Wal-mart. lol
  5. yes thats exactly what i heard, that its to heavy to use.
  6. I just bought a Kate Spade in the pattern shown in the link below, but it's a round case that is divided in half inside and has those elastized holders on the side and two zipped pockets on the lid. I like it because it's roomy and I can keep makeup in one section and skincare in the other. I have't been able to find it online, but I've seen it at the actual stores (at Kate Spade boutique, Neiman Marcus and Saks) for $80. It's light and looks to be sturdy. Bright and cheerful, and easy to clean interior.

    PATTERN (looks better IRL):

    but in this SHAPE:
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  8. Surprisingly...Target. Sonia Kashuk makes some pretty good cases and because they are pretty cheap, if they get dirty they are easy to replace. The Sonia Kashuk ones are pretty roomy and the one I have has removable compartments.

    If you are iffy about Target, my roommate loves the ones by Travelon- she has 2 or 3 of them.
  9. This thread is 3 1/2 years old...........
  10. Minnie asked this 3 yrs ago :confused1:
  11. *giggle* @ when this thread was started!

    And I was about to offer advice...SMH.
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