Cosmetics pouch?

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  1. Hello everyjuan!

    So, I'm absolutely ecstatic to say that my very first Birkin (35 potiron chèvre de coromandel with palladium hardware) is on it's way to me (after a very patient 10 years of waiting) and now I need to fill it!

    Sooooo...what happened to the Karo and the BeBop??? I was really looking forward to having all of the beautiful little pouches and bags inside, and luck.

    This is where you shake your head and cluck with pity because they've been discontinued forever, right?

    What took their places? I'm kind of persnickety about accessories matching bags, but I'm guessing I might need to give up that dream.

    Pics would be absolutely adored and appreciated! :biggrin:
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    Have you seen the cases that they have on under Home >> Beach? They have several bright/fun canvas/fabric options.

    Also, every once in a while, under Leather >> SLGs, posts pouches. Although I haven't seen a Karo or BeBop online... I've seen other small pouches (i.e. Trimset). (Pics in this thread: Small Leather Accessories... PICS ONLY!!! )

    GL. :smile:

  3. I was in FSH a few weeks ago looking for a Karo, Be-Bop or Piccolo. The SA found them in the style book but there was nothing in stock. The only think he could offer were the canvas pouches. He didn't say they were discontinued and I didn't ask but he did say that he had not seen any in a long time.
  4. I see them at the Madison store so they are around, don't worry! I think with anything H it's just right place right time.
  5. I've been looking too and none to be found. Manhasset NY says no karos coming in until 2015. And Madison has orange and souffre Bebop, but no Karos. Same with WS. :*( If anyone spots Karo, pls pm me too!
  6. I am using the mini Boldie pouch in fuchsia, light weight but easy to get dirt
  7. No Karos, BeBops or anything else for cosmetics for that matter here in Northern California except those fabric Bolides....

    I have one Karo pm from years ago and that poor thing has really been having a workout....
  8. I usually will see all these karo and bebop in japan stores
    I gotten all mine there
    Many good colors n sizes to choose too
  9. Still seen around the stores especially Karo. By the way congrats on the potion! That is a color I have not seen in awhile.
  10. karos i've only seen at madison and wall st, and a few weeks ago my store had a bebop...
  11. Thanks so much for the input, ladies!

    Huh, I haven't seen them here in London at all. I'll be in San Francisco next week, so maybe I'll get lucky in the boutique or the duty free shop!
  12. Yes wish u all the best of luck
    Check with the sa there to check from other stores see if ample time for transferring if there are any stocks