Cosmetics pouch?

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  1. Hi! New to this particular forum and have been looking at all of your lovely pictures and reading the threads. :smile:

    So, I'm going to get my first Goyard tomorrow, the St. Louis PM in the beautiful yellow! :yahoo: Still debating on monogramming and stripes since I doubt I'll want to part with the bag long enough to send it away. LOL!!

    Anyhow, besides the little pouch that comes with the bag, does Goyard do a cosmetics pouch? Nothing huge, just to carry a small selection of daily necessities. Also, any idea of price would be great, too. :smile:

  2. Yes Goyard carries a pouch, comes in two sizes.

    I have them both will post pix for you later. I would not buy them again as find them cumbersome to get inside but have handy feature of outside pocket.

    Post your SL when she arrives.