cosmetics on ebay?

  1. I was browsing ebay and saw lots of brand new cosmetics and skin care at lower prices than department store. it seems so tempting! and i doubt theres "fakes"....but im afraid that some of them maybe old/ "past expiration" thats why they are cheaper?? i dont want to be putting bad stuff on my face.=P
    has anyone bought cosmetics/skin care from ebay? and if so, any comments?
  2. I'm too chicken for that!
    I agree about the expiration thing . . . yikes!
    Also, a lot of dept store cosmetics don't have seals on them, I'd be afraid of them being tainted somehow:sick:
  3. i've seen fake cosmetics on ebay before. a "j'dore" makeup compact with blush and blue eye shadow and a "chanel" eye shadow case with like 62 colors...those things that you get at the drug store at christmas that i would feel bad giving to a 10 year old.

    but i have bought fragrance on ebay before.
  4. Yes, there are lots of fake cosmetics on Ebay. Tons of fake MAC, Chanel, Nars, Bobbi Brown, etc.. I never trust ebay for anything, ever. :wondering
  5. i sell cosmetics on ebay. i'm not going to say where i get them(because then i'd be losing $$$), but they are 100% authentic. it's like any other outlet store, these places exist.
  6. YOURS are, but others may not be - that's very scary to me personally.
    Do you sell haircare too? I need some good prices on Kerastase!
  7. I have bought and sold cosmetics on eBay and have never thought twice actually. But then again I didn't realize makeup was faked. Do they fake skincare stuff too?
  8. yea they fake skincare. freaky! i think there is fake la mer.
  9. The prices on the makeup are great but once you pay shipping it's the same total as it would be in a department store.
  10. i happen to have a bunch of bottles of one kind of redken, but no, i've never really sold haircaire, i've pretty much stuck to makeup and clothes. but just at woodbury commons alone, there are i think 2 cosmetics i don't assume that all the stuff on ebay is fake.
  11. I once bought a Dior capture fluid, for the face and neck... but when I received it, it looked and smelt odd...and it was clear stickly fluid, not a beige cream like it was supposed to be.. no seals or anything

    It looked like she just poured some weird liquid into the empty bottle and sent it to me :_(


    On another case, I've received an Urban Decay palette that was all dried up and unusable


    However, the Z. Bigatti that I purchased online arrived with seal and everything, it was authentic

    I think you really have to check the seller's feedback and use your own gut instinct
  12. i would never risk putting anything on your face from a non-beauty professional place - who knows what bacteria is growing in those bottles! at least when u get them from a dept store or pharmacy they will assure you of non expired items!
  13. not true. do you know how long some of that stuff sits on the shelf? i have gotten boxes at Nordstrom with dust on them! :P drugstores are the WORST....they never rotate that stuff...the only way it moves is if it sells. i have exchanged so many tubes of dried up maskcara and clumpy foundation. i loved when they started putting use by dates on most skin care and cosmetics. :smile:
  14. mmm thanks for all the comments!... now im gonan think twice when buying stuff from ebay. Usually i stick to sellers with close to 100% feedback hoping that would work. But then u never know, i also imagine them making different sign-ons and giving themselves good
  15. I occassionally sell skin care products on ebay. I usually by from the skin care line I like in "kits" because it's cheaper that way. However, there are usually a few items in the kit that I don't care for, or I already have one that I'm using, and I know that I won't be able to use the new one before it gets old. So I put this stuff on ebay (as long as it's still SEALED and never been opened) - 100% authentic, and I never sell expired products!

    Not saying there aren't fakes/expired products - just wanted to give you another side.

    Check feedback, ask for expiration dates, ask if it's sealed.