Cosmetics case for bucket...

  1. has arrived from the LV Beverly Center today. I guess it's been shelf sitting for a while (date code reveals it was made in January 2005); it's made in France which is perfect since it'll match my petit bucket's lining!

    Still, I'm a little disappointed. I didn't get any tags and the canvas is slightly dull. And like most accessories, the dustbag is thick, and I'm paranoid of the pochette not having enough air! Guess I'll be using another pillow case...

    Oh well, that's life. I'm still happy I got to locate this little sucker! :yahoo: And it doesn't have that vuittonite lining that will eventually peel off over time. For those who want the cosmetics case, you should definitely get it! It's a lot bigger than the original one from the older buckets, and it would make a great clutch. :yes:
  2. ooh, post a pic! so were you able to buy one separately? did it come with the chain?
  3. Yep, I was able to buy it separately. But it didn't come with a chain (I think it's $70 extra). I didn't need one anyway since I have one attached to my bucket.

    Post pic, eh? Hmm...I'll try to get around to it if I remember...;)
  4. pics!! pics!! :P :drool:
  5. Pics please!
  6. bernz..... pics plzzzzz:love: :shrugs: :yes:
  7. Please post pics, but congrats either way! :yes:
  8. Aww, you gals make me feel so bad! You know I hate posting pictures...

    Okay, okay! I'll post them as soon as I get to resize them...:biggrin:

    Also, my sister is using this computer so I'll try to get them up sometime tomorrow or Sunday. ;) :yes:
  9. Does anyone know the current retail of the pouch for the bucket and the chain? I know it used to be $150 + $70, but I'm guessing it's gone up since then.
  10. ~Congrats *Bernadeth*. I know you can't stay on a ban too long:graucho:. Nice seeing you here in the forum:flowers:. How's school? I know you're suupperrr busy...hang in there! Post pic when you've a chance. ~
  11. Congrats!!!