Cosmetic surgery - where is a good place to start my research?

  1. So I am thinking about getting a laser procedure done to remove some scarring I have on my lip from a dog bite. Are there online forums that have reviews of various physicians? Thanks in advance.
  2. check this site
    also make sure the surgeon you go to is registered with them, there are a lot of fake plastic surgeons you have to watch out for
  3. Talk to any friends of yours who have had anything done... they may be able to give you a good "in" to talk to someone. Also talk to relevant plastic surgery organizations to ensure that any surgeon is in good standing.
  4. I love the site All kinds of information, blogs, pictures, etc...
  5. Thanks so much for the suggestions leaf3 and kalimarie :smile:
  6. Make sure that you consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
    Good Luck in your research.