cosmetic surgeons

  1. im really considering a breast reduction after some kind words of encouragement in the breast reduction thread and have been researching online. the problem is loads of the websites iv visited look really bad (think pornstars in bikinis and your almost there) should i be put off by a surgeons website? or should i look at them all?
  2. don't go by a PS's website. . .
    find an online Forum, like or {can't remember} and search for one in your area.
    You'll need 2-3 consults so really what you see online isn't too, too important.
  3. the more i read the more i think maybe id be better off the way i am. please can some one give me some advice before i talk myself out of it through total fear of being deformed by a dr.
  4. thank you swanky
  5. I think you should follow your heart.
    If your breasts are causing you discomfort or a lower quality of life than you deserve, then I really think you SHOULD have a couple of consults.
    You may get a lot of info that may re-direct you, or you may find that it's really is right for you.
  6. you might be able to get some info off of too even though you aren't considering implants. You can still check out surgeons' work on there and see what people say about them.
  7. ^^ Agree. The best cosmetic surgeons don't even have websites. They don't need to advertise... they get all their business from word of mouth.

    I keep reading that women who have breast reductions are the happiest with their outcome... compared to women who have had other cosmetic procedures.
  8. Ask your OB/GYN to recommend someone.
  9. I had a reduction in 2001. I couldn't be happier. I live in California, USA... I paid out of my pocket for my surgery. I went from a 38FF to a 36C...:yahoo:
  10. Yes this is a GREAT website not only regarding implants. Go to the forum there and you can talk to girls in your situation too:yes: