Cosmetic pouches: is it worth the money?

  1. I wonder if I should buy a cosmetic pouch? It's quite expensive to put make up in it and to take the risk that it will be dirty after awhile. I change my makeup bag every year because it gets dirty from my blushes compact breaking and all the powder stained the inside of the bag. Is the Lv cosmetic pouch easy to clean?
  2. I think so- you can wipe the interior with babywipes and the makeup comes right off. Another pfer uses makeup remover and she says it works well. I bought some retractable makeup brushes to carry with me--the big ones stay at home.

    The pouches (cosmetic and toiletry) have the washable lining but the pochettes don't--so I'm a bit more careful with those. I have the cosmetic pouches in pomme and black mc--I've been rotating those for over a year and I just got the TP 19 which I love!!!!
  3. I would not and have not purchased a cosmetic pouch. I feel that they are overpriced for what they offer. I, too purchase a new one frequently because of the reasons you mentioned. I would get a cute, inexpensive one that you don't mind getting dirty and can be tossed when need be. Save the money you would spend on an LV pouch towards something more practical.
  4. I felt the same way. I was constantly recycling makeup bags but I felt the LV was $$$ for what it actually is. Then one day I decided to treat myself and got one. I do like that it has a little pocket inside that holds little things that I don't want to dig for. So it serves it's purpose. Could I have lived without it …probably lol but I do like it. Do I regret it? Not really but I could have definitely put that money towards something else.
  5. Thank you for thoughts. I will not be getting one. But it's would be a nice gift to give someone or to receive. That's gifts are for! Give something that she or he will not get for herself or himself. :smile:
  6. So true! I have also read here that some members don't use them as cosmetic pouches but as an extra little bag to store necessesities within their larger LV bags. You could use it to keep a lip balm, mascara, tissues, a pen, a small container of lotion or hand sanitizer etc.
  7. I have a pomme one and I store cosmetics in it. The interior can be wiped out - and it is a very very useful accessory to own. Was it expensive? yes. But I love it anyway!!

    Once you get one, you won't regret owning it...
  8. I love mine, and have had it for 4 years, looks like new! Will be getting another one in the fall, because mine is Azur and I use it with my Azur bags in Spring/Summer and now I want a fall/winter one, probably Vernis :smile:.
  9. For me, it's definitely worth the money.. I was also like you who was hesitant to get it coz of the price.. Until I finally splurged on one, I got the black MC, and I am so happy that I have it.. No regrets or feeling like I wasted my money on it..

    Whenever it gets dirty, I usually wipe the interior with baby wipes and it's good and clean again..:smile: I use it everyday so it's definitely worth it!;)
  10. A cosmetic pouch is something you use every day, like a keychain, so it definitely justifies cost per wear. I bought a Coach cosmetic pouch and have been thinking about "upgrading" to LV. My cles and pochettes get more use than some of my handbags. I love accessories.
  11. They are expensive, l do have one - and l use it every single day, so for me it was worth in when you break it down into cost per wear, and its washable inside.
  12. I do not have one YET because my old vintage Gucci cosmetic bag is still kickin' and looks like new after over 20 years but I believe I am going to upgrade to an LV. Because of the coated canvas, much like my Gucci, I believe it will last the test of time and I am totally for spending some cash on a cosmetic bag that will last and last. The cheapies just don't do it for me and it seemed I needed a new one monthly! I say, go for it!! :biggrin:
  13. if you love it and will use it, yes, it is worth the $
  14. Have you thought about a Pochette? You could use it to store your cosmetics (it holds quite a lot) and also use it as an evening bag when you go out or when you just want something small to use. I think getting something like that which has multiple uses is worth the money.
  15. I just bought one and I love it. I was very hesitant until my coworker showed me her mono cosmetic pouch (I got the same one) that was 20 years old and still looked great!! Aside from the dark Vachetta on the tabs, it looked fantastic. She even showed me how she cleans the interior with a baby wipe. I am so happy with my purchase!