Cosmetic pouch

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  1. I've been wanting a cosmetic pouch for a while now. I was at the lv store today and they still had the palm dots in jungle. I had the SA put it on hold for me tomorrow because I can't decide between that and the mono cosmetic pouch. I've read about problems with chipping so I'm nervous about getting the print. I know it will bother me if it starts chipping soon. BUT I love the print and the pink interior. Which one should I get??
  2. I would get the print. So beautiful!
  3. I think you should get the print since that is what you really want.
  4. I would get mono. The print will chip eventually. I've had my mono cosmetic pouch for about 9 years now....but if you love the print and don't mind that it will chip, then get that.
  5. I'd get the mono for longevity. As beautiful as the print is, the eventual chipping would irritate me
  6. I would go with monogram, i hate the wearing and aging of the silk screen print. It will chip, eventually.. And if you are lucky enough for it not to chip straight away, by the time it does LV may not replace it for you anymore. This is why i have not indulged into my love for multicolor pieces, i adore them so so much but hate the look of it all chipped up :sad:
  7. I reckon if your really like it, you should get it. It might be a bad batch.