Cosmetic Pouch Sizes?

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  1. I'm debating between the Vernis Cosmetic Pouch and the MM...

    does anyone have photos that show how much either can hold??

  2. nobody?
    or even a description of what yours holds??
  3. I have the Amarante cosmetic pouch - the rose pop pouches are slightly smaller than the older Vernis colors. I will try to get a pic for you soon.
  4. I don't really use this pouch regularly, so I just shoved whatever I could in there until it was full enough to just barely close.

    As you can see, it holds a good amount of makeup.

    I am thinking about getting the pouch in Rose Pop, so I would love to see what fits in the smaller vernis pouch.
  5. thank you so much! I want a pouch to stuff all my little things in for inside my bags, and I think the Pomme Vernis Pouch is gonna do it!
  6. I highly recommend the MM! I'm going to upgrade!
  7. I recommend the MM too. I bought the smaller size several months ago used. had I of known a bigger size was going to be released I would have waited!
  8. i saw the diff between the two and the mm is much better! just think---- you can add keys and a phone! then use it as a clutch!