Cosmetic pouch - regular or GM??

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  1. I'm trying to decide whether to buy cosmetic pouch in the smaller size or in the GM. I don't want a travel make up bag but something to hold my daily make up and it must fit inside Alma PM.
    Is the GM make up pouch really that huge and are the dimensions stated on LV web true for both sizes?
  2. You re beautiful (profile pic)
    I d suggest GM
  3. I have the GM and its perfect. I use it for all my essentials, blotting papers, mini deodorant, pills, tissues, lipgloss, compact etc. hope this helps
  4. I have pm. Wish I would have gotten GM.
  5. GM all the way! Go big or go home! I have the GM in monogram and I love it. It's not that big compare to the PM!
  6. Depends on how much you carry. My smaller one I consider stuffed now and I carry lip gloss, lotion, epipen, inhaler, nail file, pen, Benadryl and a small pill case. Where as I want a gm now, the question is will a gm fit into most of your bags and not overtake them. If not, go for the gm.
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  7. GM all the way! It fits perfectly inside the Alma PM! I use mine daily and I love it!
  8. What a great question! I was wondering the same thing!! Looks like GM is the way to go
  9. I am looking to get one of the LV cosmetic pouches to almost act as a liner to protect the inside of my Alma PM.. Since the cosmetic pouches are the same dome shape it works perfectly (I currently use a D&B dome pouch for my Alma BB) Does the LV GM Pouch basically take up the entire interior of your Alma PM?
  10. I vote for the PM, only because it fits in more bags. It’s quite roomy, but it depends on how much you carry and when. I love my pm, it holds everything I need. Almost sounds like you would use a GM as a mini bag organizer for Alma. Good luck whatever you decide!
  11. I vote for the GM. But, I have a lot of stuff.
  12. You guys are responding and voting on a thread posted 7 years ago...
  13. Obviously , I'm bored at work! Ha Ha! I didn't notice the date.
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