Cosmetic pouch GM and Speedy B 30?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Hope everyone is having a nice day and enjoying the weekend!

    I am looking for the advice from those of you who have the cosmetic pouch GM and a Speedy B 30 in canvas. Does it fit easily or you have to put it in and take it out sideways?
    Or would you rather stick with the PM size?

    Thank you.
  2. Sideways... I prefer my Speedy B 35 for my GM cosmetic cases.
  3. I think it fits fine? I love my gm! I have pm also.
  4. Oh actually, I see what you mean. Taking it out of the speedy b when the bag is in use might be difficult but actually using the two together shouldn't be an issue. Good luck :smile:
  5. sideways but its not a hassle
  6. i have a 35 and comes out fine, its my TP 26 that i have to pull out sideways with my 35