Cosmetic/Make-up Bag Question...

  1. I am curious to know what type of cosmetic/make-up bag you have in your Chanel bag? I have an LV Damier pochette that I use a make-up bag but I am kinda thinking I may want a Chanel! Do you ladies think it is a waste of money and would be better used toward a new bag or wallet?
  2. I have a bronze/ gold grained goatskin Chanel make up bag that cost me £165, it is the only make up bag I own and at £165 it was alot, but I love it soo m:heart: uch, so I think it was worth the money.
  3. I have a Burberry make-up bag... just because it was a gift! I'm not one to spend a lot of money on make-up bags, however. I've never even seen a Chanel make-up bag made out of real leather... the ones I've seen are vinyl.
  4. I actually just purchased one from Chanel to use as a clutch. Its black on black with the double C's for $410.
  5. I just bought this one...and I put all my misc. bag stuff in it so I'm more organized. I couldn't live w/out it.
    2007-01-04_240001.JPG 2007-01-04_260001.JPG 2007-01-04_250001.JPG
  6. ^that's a cute one.