Cosmetic Cases!

  1. Hello ladies.

    I am on the search for a cute cosmetic case. Have any of you seen any of them at the outlets?

    I thought the signature stripe cosmetic cases were heading to the outlets because they do not seem to be in the stores anymore, but I have yet to see one there. I dont really care which color.

    Have any of you seen any? TIA!
  2. I havent actually seen any at my outlet, but you can pick up a really nice one on eBay.:yes:
  3. hmm....

    the thing is I'm scared of eBay :sweatdrop: I see you score bargains all the time but I feel like the day when I finally bid it is totally going to be a fake. <sigh>

    I have to get over it right? Im going to do some research. Thank you.
  4. my outlet had curved ones in khaki signature with different colored trims (orange, red) and the kisslock closure. i don't have a picture, sorry. this was last week. seattle, wa outlet.
  5. ^^ this the one you referring to?

    khaki with gold trim


    and for some perspective

    I picked this up at the outlet like last year for around $40...sometimes I see them there, sometimes I don't.
  6. Thank you ladies for replying! Im so excited because I see theres hope!
  7. I don't know about how many cosmetic cases are being faked.... but eBay is a good place to start.

    And brand new cases are less than $100....well worth it, too.... I LUUUUUURVE mine! :yes:
  8. i would suggest ebay...look through the thread on here about the good ebay sellers, and take the plunge!
  9. Dont worry its not all that bad. If you find one you really like just pm me the ebay link and I'll authenticate it for you. That should put your mind at ease a little. It a great way to save lots of $$$$ on a great Coach cos. case.:yes:
  10. You're so sweet Kimmie! By the way, I love your signature pic today. It's making me crave chocolate and strawberries!!!:drool:
  11. Hey Kenia,

    We were at the Cabazon factory store, near Palm Springs, last weekend, and I picked up a chocolate cosmetic case, with legacy stripe lining! I snatched it right up! It was $79.99 reg $119. It was the only one I saw, but they are out there :smile: