Cosmetic Cases

  1. Tell me all about them? What do you like/dislike about them? What do you keep in them? What style/size do you like best?

    I've been thinking about getting one to carry in my shoulder tote to keep my lipgloss, compact, hand sanitizer, allergy meds, maybe a small brush in. I wanted the watercolor one but I don't see it on the website anymore. :confused1: Any other ones you might think would go well with the black and white shoulder tote?
  2. That's so funny, because I was just wondering about this yesterday. If I might be so bold as to add a question: in terms of size, are the cosmetic cases big enough to use as a full make-up bag?
  3. The large beauty cases are large enough for me to use as a full makeup bag. They're awesome! In mine I carry a bottle of Chanel Teint Innocence, a large Chanel makeup brush, a Chanel powder Compact and Blush compact, two eyeshadows, three tubes of DiorKiss lip gloss, a tube of mascara, nail trimmers, tweezers and a tube of lipliner, and there's plenty of room left over. But I'd think the medium beauty case would be too small to do that with. My beauty case is 40025, the Crimson Stripe Large Beauty Case, and I TOTALLY recommend it. It's awesome!
  4. Well, thanks to my Raok buddy, I received a GORGEOUS medium Scribble beauty case!:drool:

    It holds just about everything I need...lipglosses, lipsticks, compact, chap stick, gum.:tup:
  5. I have a large cosmetic case and I agree with razorbackbelle that it is large enough to use as your main make-up bag. It also has pockets in the inside as well.

    I'm currently using mine as my purse make-up bag until Coach makes the medium make-up cases again in signature. Once I find a medium, this large will become my main make-up bag too.
  6. Thanks!
  7. I just got one today (and with PCE!). I got the brown sig stripe one and it has the gorgeous legacy lining plus 2 little pockets! It was a good match for my choco Carly!
  8. I have the medium sig stripe beauty case in black/gunmetal and I love it. I haven't stopped using since I got it in December. I keep a bottle of ibuprofen, clear nail polish, emery board, small tape measure, pens(much easier to replace this rather than a $400+ bag if it leaks), and gum. It makes it much easier to change my purses more often. It also fits in the legacy shoulder bag perfectly with plenty of room to spare.

    My vote: GET ONE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!
  9. my cosmetic bag is the chelsea wristlet, everything fits
    plus I can use it when I go out too.

  10. My cosmetic is the Sig Carly Wristlet. It fits about as much as the medium beauty case and it's narrower so it takes up less space in my purse. I HATE how wide the medium cases are as opposed to tall. Such a pain. =P
  11. I bought this little beauty on eBay a few months back and I love it.
    It holds a whole lot and fits perfectly in my bags.:heart::p
  12. I second eosgurl's vote and I love this beauty, too! What's not to love... it's looks amazing, durable, holds a ton AND stays upright when I hold it from underneath in my hand. That's a huge plus for me :tup:. Good memories for me too, because I got mine as a reward/souvenir after a tough business trip to Nashville in April!

    Honestly I got it to use at my BFs to keep a second set of makeup there. We're not together anymore :crybaby:but I did get the case and makeup back of course. I'll just keep it as a spare here for now. :supacool:
    Coach Nash.jpg
  13. what'd ya decide?
  14. I have the large sig striped one and it holds a lot.
  15. i have the medium case in sig and punch and i love it. i keep lip gloss, a compact mirror, extra pens and pencils, a listerine breath spray, my kroger key card and other like that (ie AE, Petsmart, CVS) and i still have room!
    this is mine but i dont have a current pic..its from RAOK last time around