Cosmetic Cases


Mar 14, 2006
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you guys had designer cosmetic cases? If you do, what brand is it and how does it hold up? I'm considering getting a small cosmetic case, just don't know what would is good. What do you guys thing?
I love my little Pochette Cosmetique by LV! I love it because it's small enough to hold everthing I need, it fits into all of my bags (except my Gucci clutch) AND it can easily be wiped out with a baby wipe or paper towel with a little soap and water. It really cleans up nicely inside - like new!

It's the one that is flat on the bottom and rounded at the top. Really nice!
I have two Prada cosmetic cases. The nylon one has held up really well and looks great. I just wipe it with a damp cloth when it gets dirty. I have a burgundy satin Prada as well but it has a huge ink stain on it that I have not been able to remove :sad:
I bought this cute Lulu Guinness at Nieman Marcus Last Call near Phoenix. I've seen it at Loehmann's as well. Not really "designer", but I thought it was adorable. 100% polyester. :P


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I have the LV Pouchette and the Mini Pouchette and I use those for makeup. I am thinking about getting a GOLD Metallicy Gucci Make up bag that I saw. It was YUMMY!
Oh I also have a bunch of Lesportsac make up bags.