cosmetic casemin mono or Kusama (if I can get one) or new Pouchette??

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  1. Any advise ??? I'm looking to get either the cosmetic case or the new Pouchette ( which is a little bigger) to hold most of the "junk" in my NF and Artsy???
    Also if I'm going to send the 440 on the Pouchette... Should I just get the Kusama cosmetic case????
    Attached is a picture of the inside of my Kusama white NF minus my small makeup case I use.. The black Tory burch case is what I'm looking to replace... .?...
  2. I have been having problems downloading pics all day... Trying again :smile:
  3. What about the blue kusama pouch??? It would look nice in your nf..and match your blue epi wallet!!
  4. +1 :d
  5. My camera doesn't show the best color, my epi wallet is purple..I have the blue kusama key chain , so would do red or yellow just to switch it up. Hummm.. :smile:
  6. sorry I thought it was then I would say the red kusama... I have it and its a nice pop of color!!!
  7. Looks like your hand lotion is open! :wtf:
  8. i like kusama in slgs very much so my vote goes to that.
  9. Red Kusama cosmetic case!! :tup:
  10. Lol I would FREAK!!!! That's why I need the cosmetic case :smile:
  11. kusama cosmetic
  12. Good idea, I think I'll try for the red :smile:
  13. :giggles: good eye!!! i didn't even notice that !!!!
  14. OMG I just looked back at my pic and it was open..:cry::cry::shocked::panic:
  15. Here's my vote:smile: