COsmetic case??

  1. Im about to buy a small bag from LV that can hold my cosmetics...

    First choice on my list is the miroir cosmetic case recently released... i was wondering how much can it hold... i hope someone can take pics of what can be placed inside it. TIA!!:idea:
  2. here is what fits in mine:



    it can fit a ludlow, cell phone, lipgloss/lipstick, plus maybe a few other small things (keys, pillbox, etc).

    alternatively, if u want to carry a camera, it can fit a cles, a camera (my SD1000, which is 0.75" thick, fit ok), lipgloss/lisptick, keys with a lil bit of room.
  3. sorry my camera is broken
    I have bronzer, and brush 2 lipsticks, a lip-gloss, lip pencil lipstick brush and a mascara in mine
  4. All I can say is that the miroir will definitely scratch, so be careful of that. I used the regular mono canvas makeup bag for awhile and then found that I wanted a LeSportSac so it could bend in my bag.
  5. [​IMG]


    ^^ very pretty. love the ludlow.
  6. Thanks so much. greatly appreciated:cutesy:
  7. how pretty!!!!

    i got the gold one....but haven't used mine yet. do you use yours in a bag??? or use it as a mini pochette?!!! (with your creative strap?!!:tup:;):heart:)
    i'm afraid that if i use it in my bag, it'll be all scratched up ..... i hardly ever use my Silver mirror lockit because of the same reason!!!! :hysteric:
  8. ^ yeah i'm afraid of the same thing..i don't want to get it scratched up so i don't think i'll be using it much as a cosmetic case inside a bag...i will use it more as an evening bag, with the juicy chain. :smile: but that's ok, because to me the miroir (being so "blingy" and all) is meant to be "shown off", not tucked away hidden inside a bag. :biggrin:
  9. I wouldn't worry about the Miroir being scratched up! I use my gold Lockit all the time and it still looks new. The material doesn't scratch easily. Every time I've seen something on it that resembled scratches and freaked out, I've been able to wipe them off! It's SO durable.
  10. Sweet--I love your pictures! I had the gold in my hands and walked away from it thinking I needed to be a good girl. I went home and complained to my hubby after looking at the pics of your's with the strap. He called LV and the gold was gone but I now have a silver on hold. Looking at your pics just make me want it soo bad but I have the silver heart already. Oohhh, what to do?!
  11. ^ooh i hate to be an enabler, but i think u should definitely go for the silver! i love it. and it seems like it can go with everything.

    and yeah, i was on a ban too (i told DH my violette pochette cles was the LAST LV item for the year) but i was able to get this one by DH :graucho: he eventually gave in.. i think the fact that it is LE helps ("no, i can't wait for my b-day! i have to get it now!! :biggrin: LOL)

  12. just DO IT!!!!

    get it, get it, get it............:graucho::heart::upsidedown:

    how r u doing, mama?!!!;):love:
  13. Wow!! You've been very lucky!! I couldn't find a miroir heart out there that wasn't scratched up. All the SA's told me that it will scratch up especially inside a purse.
  14. Ohhh, you all are baaad!

    Hey Chie!! Hope all is well with you! Did Sophia try to steal your sparkly gold case??
  15. Oh it is lovely.