Cosmetic Case

  1. Hi ladies,

    I was on eBay and came across these cosmetic cases I think they're caviar leather? Does anyone know the REAL price not the inflated eBay price? If anyone knows any other info like if you've seen it at a Chanel or what it looks like IRL please let me know :smile:? TIA!!!!!!

    Here are a couple of the eBay auctions for reference of what the cosmetic case looks like...
  2. Hi I have that case in bronze and I bought it this year in the UK for £165 roughly approx. $330. It's a great cosmetics case, I bought it to carry my make up around in my bag, however because my bags are quite small I don't really use it. It fit's quite alot- but is not too big, it's a perfect size.
  3. Could you use it as a clutch too? I mean is it big enough to fit like a phone, a compact, a little license hold and what not? Also is it still around?

    Thanks so much for replying by the way!
  4. ahh thats great info, I really want one too :smile:
  5. I had the light gold color. I bought it for $335 before tax at NM earlier this year. Yep, it should fit all of the above that you mentioned.
  6. ^ Thanks so much!!

    I've been wanting a cosmetic case and when I saw this I thought it was sooo perfect for a clutch and a case... double duty things are always nice :smile:
  7. Does anyone know if these cosmetic cases are still around in stores? I was just at my Saks and didn't notice any...:cry:
  8. I have used it as a clucth before as it could easily fit my phone, mirror, lipgloss, wallet and keys