cosmetic bag

  1. I am searching for a cosmetic bag but everything that I see is rather 'hard'. Basically I want something that is sort of shapeless as a couple of my bags are rather small and I can't really fit something that won't give in a little bit. Am I making sense?

    Any suggestions?
  2. I use a small black Prada nylon. I don't remember if it was sold as a cosmetic bag or not but it's perfect. I got it years ago and it's still great.
  3. I am currently using a soft leather barrell shaped case from NM outlet. Before that, Coach. They are both great.
  4. I have coach bag, can't remember what its called but retails for $89 or $49 at coach outlet.
  5. Anya Hindmarch, Cath Kidston and Lulu Guinness have some great witty and practical cosmetic, toiletries bag designs. Well worth a look.
  6. Happy to posted this thread - great suggestions
  7. I use my LeSportSac in Cindre Chrome, holographic silver, 1 and a half years old and still looks brand new, but they don't make them anymore :crybaby: fantastic quality for the price. anyway, their current designs might hold up as well
  8. Coach has some nice soft leather cases and you can get them on eBay cheap.