cosmetic bag

  1. do you like the mono cosmetic pouchette or the denim cruise trousse raye makeup bag? The denim bag is $ that way too much for that little bag??? TIA:smile:
  2. nobody???
  3. I wouldn´t personally pay that much for a denim make-up bag, that is just my opinion. I have a taiga cosmetic bag, which seems really durable and stands stains well.
  4. I just received the mini azur pochette & it's only $215. It's kinda small though, but less $ & really cute.
  5. i would get the mono cosmetic bag, because i think the denimwill absorb any stains it may get....
  6. I would get the Monogram Cosmetic Pochette :yes:
  7. i would rather pay $240 for the monogram cosmetic pouch -the one with curved top - that one is worth spending $240 on but the one in question here - no way, I have better things to do with my $ - HEE! HEE!
  8. I'd get any of the mini can work as a make-up bag and purse/clutch. Although it may be a little small depending on how much make-up you want to carry.
  9. I would go with the mono pattern... I would be too afraid of getting makeup stains on the Denim.
  10. I totally :heart: my mono cosmetique pochette. It is wonderful.
  11. Well you know what I'm going to say.....:graucho: ! I absolutely LVOE my denim pouch. I use it as a make up bag, but it can also be used on it's own as a handheld "bag". Like I said before mine makes me happy when I look in my bag and see it, so definitely worth the money to me!! :yes:
  12. i would go with the monogram
  13. I like Antigua GM, it's super functional and easy to clean:biggrin:
  14. mono would be good for everyday use of the bag