Cosmetic Bag Dilemma!!

  1. I recently received a large Kate Spade cosmetic bag as a present (the large version but in a different pattern).

    It's super cute but one problem - I hardly use makeup at all and probably don't even have enough make-up to fill a quarter of that bag's space!! So using it as a cosmetics bag is out of the question.

    However, I don't want to waste it!! It's big enough to be used as a handbag for going out and it really does look cute but I'm just worried it'll look very weird, after all, it is a cosmetic bag!

    What do you guys think? Thoughts?? Thanks :heart:
  2. use it i mean lv also has a beuty case that can be used as a handvag so do it
  3. it's cute! it would be a cute lunch box
  4. i see no wierdness in using it for ultra casual days :yes:
  5. AHAHA thanks! I just needed some reassurance. I've been staring at that bag for a while wondering if I should take it out or not!!!
  6. You should definetly use it! It's a very cute bag and I'm sure people will like it. I've used a cosmetic case as a bag before, nobody notices the difference.
  7. Use it as a handbag! COACH, Fendi, etc. have cosmetic bags that look just like shoulder bags, so I'm sure no one will be like, "OMG shes using a cosmetics bag as a purse, ew!" lol Thats ridiculous if they do.
  8. use for casual days! :smile: i'd love to have it as a cosmetic case though! :smile: it looks like my blowdryer can fit in those! haha! :smile:
  9. I think it's darling and would be using it in a heartbeat - and I like BIG bags, LOL!