Cosignment Shop or ebay?

  1. I spent the whole weekend cleaning out my closet. I have a lot of marc by marc jacobs (brand new w/ tags expect one blazer), hilfigger, tahari, DKNY and jcrew clothing and a bunch of coach shoes that I would like to sell. Should I take all this stuff to a consignment shop or list on ebay? Which way would I get more for my items? TIA
  2. Well, the consignment shops where I live, take 50% if the item sells. Ebay is a hassle and no guarantees there either unless you price very low. It's a difficult call but considering all the ebay nightmares, I think I'd go consignment.
  3. I think I'd go for the consignment shop as well.
  4. I love selling on ebay so I'd vote for ebay. I think it's fun watching your auctions sell.
    And...BTW...used clothing, etc. sells good on ebay. I've had jeans go for almost as high as retail!
  5. I'll go for consignment. Ebay charges are crazy. Plus with paypal charges, you hardly get anything back.