COS stores..anybody shop there

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  1. Any one finding their customer service less than desirable?

    I was in their Soho store today & saw several "tops" that
    had makeup stains on the necklines & still in inventory to be "sold"
    found that rather distasteful.. When pointed out to a SA, she just shrugged
    her shoulders & commented "well, you can wash it"!!:nogood:

    After that comment, no reason to shop there...:tdown:
  2. She's just a SA. There's not much she can do about it. Yeah, she can probably bring it up to a manager, but I'm pretty certain that they will just say to put it back on the floor. It's not like COS is high-end. It's still considered to be a fast fashion store.

  3. That is exactly what they did .. put it right back on the floor for some other
    unsuspecting customer to buy it & perhaps not notice.

    High end or not, there is no reason to go into a store & see "new clothes"
    for sale with lipstick & makeup stains, especially once it has been brought
    to the attention of a SA

    I've seen other fast fashion stores with fairly clean merchandise for sale...
  4. It's not that they're hoping someone will buy it and not notice the stain. It's that some customers will not care that there is a stain on it and will just simply ask for a discount because it's not of perfect quality. They'd rather sell it for a discount than to damage it out. I completely agree with you that new clothes should not have makeup stains on it, but I understand why stores do it because I've been on that side before.
  5. Not surprised by this at all. Almost every white shirt that has been at my Zara for over three days has a makeup stain on it....sad but true.