CorunDogs COACH Collection and Introduction

  1. HI THERE, Fellow Designer Handbag Fanatics!!!

    I thought I should take a few moments of your time and introduce myself and at the same time share my collection of Coach things!!!

    My name is Brenda and I am a 37 yo single woman, living 50 miles west of Houston. I have been disabled for almost 10 years, with a severe case of Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis and other issues.....with symptoms of severe chronic pain and fatigue being what keeps me from leading any sort of normal life. I have no children, but I do have "Kids" - of the fur variety ;) Duke is a Golden Retriever and he is my Service Dog. I don't go anywhere without him and he has given me back the independence I had really lost before I got him, almost 5 years ago as an 8 wk old puppy to train myself. He helps with my balance issues to keep me on my feet when I stumble or trip, picks up many of the things I drop or is a brace for me to hold on to if he can't, and he carries bags in his mouth if they are light enough. That keeps me from having to carry too much and hurting my hands, wrists and shoulders. (And of course so I can still carry my handbag :yes: ) Jack, Hannah and Meghan are my Boston Terriers - my girls are both rescues from Puppy Mills in Nebraska. I am a volunteer for Nationwide Boston Terrier Rescue.....I process the applications and am the Fundraising Coordinator. I am also involved in a scientific research and historical preservation project based on corundum from around the world (corundum is also known as ruby and sapphire) and besides Coach, I also collect corundum in it's rough form - basically rocks, before they are treated and cut into jewelry.

    So that's me in a not-so-short nutshell :smile:

    I started my fascination with Designer Handbags when got my first Gucci in 5th grade and and had multiple Gucci bags throughout highschool. Then I got sick at 27, and Social Security Disabilty didn't allow room in the budget for designer handbags :crybaby:

    However, over the past 5 years I have slowly but surely added to my Coach collection.....and with being able to find many treasures on Ebay, I have put together what I consider to be a fantastic collection. Not nearly what alot of you have - but since my fetish is based solely on RED makes me happy :love: I own 25 shares of Coach stock and hopefully will be able to add more shares as my financial situation allows (in another 10 years, since I just bought them a few months ago??:lol:)

    I am very happy to have a place to share my passion with people who completely understand it.

    Here are some pictures of my collection of red Coach items......ranging from a red leather barrette to a Kyoto silk satchel - obviously running the gamut....LOL!!!

    1st Picture - Red Coach Handbags and Wallets, including Kyoto Red Optic Silk Satchel (my dream bag!), Red Leather Large Carry All, Red Signature Large Clip Hobo, and various smaller bags in Leather, Signature and Neoprene (wallet on a strap)

    2nd Picture - Large Vinyl Travel Accessories Bag, plus all of the Accessories that are in my purse - Leather Checkbook Wallet, 3x5" Agenda, Large Cosmetic Bag, Lipstick Holder, Pill Box, Double Mirror, Cell Phone Holder, Heart Coin Purse, Sterling Silver Pen, Cell Phone Holder that I use to hold my perfumes, Burgundy Lauren Sunglasses, Signature and Leather Sunglass Case, Leather Eyeglass Case, Cell Phone Holder that I use as my Camera case and Small Picture Frame that has extra insert for pictures and credit cards.

    3rd Picture - Above accessories in my Carry All - they really do all fit (if I arrange them right of course!)

    4th Picture - Coach jewelry - Sterling Silver Embossed Cuff and matching Ring, Sterling Silver Multi-Color Handbags Link Bracelet (these 3 pieces are my greatest treasure finds besides my Kyoto Silk Satchel - they no longer make the Sterling Silver jewelry, but will have a new jewelry line along with a perfume coming out next year :drool: ), Wide Leather Cuff, Signature Fabric and Vachetta Leather Bangle, Pig Skin Lexington Watch, Red Leather Choker with Stering Silver Dog Leash Clasp (leather has darkened with wear!!), Red Leather Barrette, multiple Kilt Pins and Heart Pin. Plus bracelet I made with the charms from a Heart and a Star Kilt Pins.

    5th Picture - Coach Signature Doggie, Red Leather Coaster w/ Sandlewood Candle, Mini Heart Jewelry Box and Mini Heart Frame

    6th Picture - 23 Key Fobs (yes, I have an obsession with them :shame: ) Some have been combined into one (the Sun was combined with the Moon and Star Cell Phone Accessory and the enamel stars in red and silver have been combined into one)

    7th Picture - Shoes and Hats (Signature Tennis Shoes, Signature Tennis Shoe-typeSlides, Red Leather Flip Flops with Flower, Red Leather Bleaker Mules, Mini Signature Baseball Cap and Signature Red, White and Blue Floppy Beach Hat)
    handbags1a.JPG accessories2a.JPG inside bag1a.JPG jewelry1a.JPG doggie etca.JPG key fobs1a.JPG shoes1a.JPG
  2. Wow, you have a nice collection of red Coach. Congrats and welcome to the pf, you'll love it here:flowers:
  3. oh WOW!!!!:drool: :heart: lovely collection!:flowers: :love:
  4. lovely collection, and welcome to the Forum.. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do......
  5. Thanks Ladies....I KNOW I will enjoy it here and learn alot from you :yes:

    I know alot about Coach, but very little about the other designers.....hopefully I can stay within the Coach line since my Social Security Disability budget is already stretched and getting into the more expensive lines would really kill me :roflmfao:

    But I love looking and learning and I know there is alot of both to do here!!!!

    OH, and here is one more picture that couldn't fit in my first post.....but definitely deserves to be mentioned

    Coach Red and Black Leashes and Collars for my Kids (Duke had to match Mommy's bags since he goes everywhere with me and then the Little Ones couldn't be left out now, could they?!?!? :yes: )
    leashes and collarsa.JPG
  6. I absolutely love your collection! Lucky kids of yours to sport designer collar and leash! :yes:
  7. I love all your bags!,welcome to TPF!
  8. Great Collection!:flowers:
  9. Wow, firstly, I have to say that your story is truly inspirational - even with so much struggle you have given back with your involvement in animal concerns. You're a very strong person to have gone through what you have.

    And I love your Coach collection - it's so cute ! And the doggie is just the most darling piece ! Welcome and I hope that you enjoy the forum ! :yes:
  10. I have never seen coach accessoried before, thank you for your great collection!
  11. great collection. i'm jealous! i just found this website yesterday, & i am hooked! hey, i'm not too far from you--i'm in lake charles, la.
  12. :drool: That is a very lovely collection!!
  13. that is amazing! nicely coordinated and well organized(esp inside your purse)lol
    this is lovely
  14. What a lovely collection!! And your pups are all beautiful!!

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy yourself here!

    Thanks for the lovely pictures,

  15. Nice collection.