Corto Moltedo Priscilla bag


Aug 25, 2006
Does any of you girls have such bag already?
The designer is the son of the former owners of Bottega Veneta. I love this bag. Please let me know what do you think!


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They have also a less "crowded" version and some different sizes.
IMHO it can be one of the new it bags. They sell it in Tad concept store in Rome and TAAd in Milan.


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I have it in red. You can see pics in my bag showcase (link in signature). I really like it. It folds up too. I think aloharag had it on sale last week, you should check if that's still around.
Thanks Nerdphanie!
I love that colour, but probably I'm going to buy the biiiiig one in black, to have a versitile big everyday handbag. Lately I found having too much colourfull bags and no black.
Congratulation on your collection. Awesome!
As for the shop to buy it, I defenetly want to get it from Luisaviaroma, since I live in Poland EU and don't have to pay any tax or duty.
Lucky me!