1. I need to find a nice satin Corset to wear .. anyone know a good site. Is Snobz Corset ok
  2. Vollers is the best make in the world, beautiful! If you are going to buy a proper corset as opposed to a fashion item then you need to be fitted for it. The sizing on them is by waist
  3. I was looking at them too. Its more for fashion I love wearing corsets . Thanks for that Mooks :smile:
  4. I was looking at Agent Pro Nothing there :sad: thanks for the links :smile:
  5. Did you try the other one? or eBay...I know hard to judge size but you never know I found some really pretty ones there.
  6. fredericks?
  7. I get mine from here. They are AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend. Excellent customer service and high quality corsets.
  8. cool thanks for the links i'll have a look now :smile:
  9. Oh... my... god. Thank you for posting this, this is so suiting for me.. *girlish sigh* I'm definitely placing an order! Which corset did you get?!
  10. fab site check out Lliza my god her waist is tiny
  11. I don't know if this is a silly question or not, but a friend of mine and I were looking at some corsets the other day, but we weren't sure exactly how you're supposed to wear them. I mean, do you wear them under normal clothes or are they just sexy lingerie?
  12. Either. Some are meant to be worn over clothes and others under clothes. You can get corsets that go over the bust as well as those that just deal with the waist area. Corsets are great if you wear vintage clothing because they make the clothes fit better. They also help ensure you don't slouch!