Corsaire Vane satchel handle drop

  1. The bettie fits on my shoulder fine but I'm trying to figure out of the Corsaire Vane satchel would or do some people think its a bit small? Any pics too please!! :smile:
  2. I posted a pic under lamb fans wearing bags, and it fits on shoulder
  3. I have it, it fits over my shoulder.
  4. wooSpun, that sucks. I've had mine for a year, and its been fine.
  5. well i guess it was bad luck for me but honestly in manhattan there are a few amazing amazing amazinggg bag repair shops so if i really wanted the bag i know i could have had it repaired and corrected...that shade of grey doesn't work for me when i try to match an outfit so whoever wants to take the chance has it on eBay lol.

    i just realized that i didn't even put "vane corsaire" in the listing... after my first few days on this site i realize i committed a crime ... never again!