Corrosion? Smelly Human? WTH?

  1. Lol, so I got a bunch of perfume samples from Sephora, and tried them last night. My brother was over visiting, so I asked him and my boyfriend for their opinions on various perfumes. These are some of the responses I got:

    Benefit's Maybe Baby: Brother- "Smelly Human." Boyfriend- "Corrosion"
    Philosophy's Falling in Love: Brother- "Drain-O." Boyfriend- "Biological Weapon."
    Kenzo's Flower: Brother- "Prison Air Freshner." Boyfriend- "Old Lady Underwear."
    Aquolina's Pink Sugar: Brother "Cavities.: Boyfriend- "Stripper with a meth addiction."

    :shrugs:. I was so excited to sample some new perfumes, but now I'm wondering if I really want to smell like a "smelly human." :sad:. Men are so...descriptive....:upsidedown:
  2. LOL I tend to agree with the men in your life. I do disagree with Kenzo Flower. I love that scent. The others are food smells and I hate anything with vanilla in it.
  3. in my experience, men love things with chocolate, vanilla, or musk undertones. a lot of men don't really understand flowery or fruity perfume (and i can't blame them...)
  4. Lol, I think they were just trying to outdo each other at the end. I agree about Kenzo's Flower, I think it's nice and fresh. I also tried Kenzo's Flower Amour, which I liked a lot. It's been a LONG time since I bought a new fragrance. I really want Creed's Acier Aluminum. Love amber scents!
  5. I really can't stand Kenzo's Flower. It's quite possibly the worst bottled scent I've ever had the misfortune of smelling.
  6. Hmmmm...

    Try DKNY Delicious Night, Gucci, ck one, or Ralp Lauren Cool. - My so likes these.
  7. Were they smelling these perfumes right after you applied? It takes perfume a little time to mix with your chemistry, and for the alcohol to settle a bit. The first whiff usually gives the overpowering, alcohol-y aroma that people are put off by. Usually, you want to let the notes develop a bit on your skin before deciding if you like something.
  8. I'd be more concerned about your boyfriend being so familiar with the scent of old lady underwear. :roflmfao:

    In all seriousness though, ask your girlfriends for their opinions. I really don't think guys care when you ask them this kind of stuff. They don't have the attention span to really think it over and give a good critique.
  9. This is so amusing!! Your boys sure have a way with words :roflmfao:
  10. LOL

    Weird that they didn't like the Pink sugar. Vanilla is a natural pheromone that most men BF does! :tup:
  11. :lol::lol::lol:

    BF hates anything that smells like vanilla or any type of sweet food. Actually, he doesn't like it when I wear perfume, period :rolleyes: I prefer to wear a spritz of Clinique Happy or Michael Kors Island :love:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I was thinking the same thing.. and a prison bathroom LOL!

    My BF thinks everything "smells nice." I'm beginning to think that he doesn't actually have any olfactory glands and just agrees with me for the hell of it.
  13. ^ LOL

    I'm just surprised they really hated all those scents that much. Maybe they were just being funny?

    At any rate, I don't trust most male's opinions on perfume either. One of my male friends swears that I always smell the same no matter what I'm wearing. And my SO always makes a face whenever he smells anything floral in the bottle, but he always likes them on me :shrugs:
  14. You're quite right, it's been scientifically established that women have a more highly developed sense of smell than men do. Wear whatever smells good to you!
  15. LOL your men have a way with words :smile: