Corriere vs Ciao Ciao

  1. They are both big bags, and I bought both. Wondering which one I should keep?? Which one is better to use? The Ciao Ciao is flat in shape, but does it affect how much it would fit?
  2. I would say to keep the corriere only because of personal opinion. I like my bags to have structure and the ciao ciao is just too flat for me. That's why I returned my spiaggia ciao ciao to Macy's this past weekend.

    I guess someone who owns both styles can give u a better opinion tho.
  3. I got both in citta and they were at a great price. 90 USD for ciao ciao and 120 USD for Correire. Arrrr...still debating. Too bad I can't find any citta rosas on sale in these styles.
  4. yah when u get a bag at a great price it's hard deciding what to do .. which to keep and whatnot ..
  5. I personally like how the ciao ciao wraps around when it's emptier...streamlined!

    But like I said, I've never tried the corriere...