Corriere pictures?

  1. Can anyone post a pic of the corriere being worn? I have no idea what it looks like on, or how big it is. What do people use it for?
  2. I keep begging for a picture, but no one's stepped up yet. :smash:
  3. Hm wow maybe no one on purse forum owns one... :sad:
  4. Yay! Thanks tehlilone... Wow I didn't realize the corriere was so big, what do you use it for?
  5. I use it for school... I just have a legal pad and carry my purse inside since I'm too lazy to take my stuff out of my bags :lol: but that's about it. I've been using it more than my scuola right now since we're not allowed to take backpacks into our school commons but we're allowed to take anything like a messenger bag
  6. haha... I'm 5" and I can wear a M in the tokishirts but it's kind of snug so I like the L I have pics floating about of me and you can find me on most things since I use tehlilone (like myspace! jeseeka is one of my friends :heart:) I think I added more tokidoki people too but I'm never on there... but if you need more size reference you can use that lol
  7. man that pic surely makes me want to get one haha :nuts:
  8. dang, that thing IS big. I didn't realize that either.
  9. Wow, I thought it was like maybe nuvola sized. That thing is huge!
  10. that is definitely bigger than my nuvola...