Corriere Owners

  1. Hi all! I am a plus sized gal looking for a bag with a LONG strap to wear messenger bag style. I would be using it for small notebooks, cheque book, and miscellaneous office job related things.

    So... who owns a corriere? What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? Would it, in your opinion, meet my needs as listed above?
  2. It sounds like the Corriere would be perfect for you. It is great for cross body and it is a nice size so you can carry a lot, without it being too big. :tup:
  3. And for those of us who are petite, small chested and just want a decent but not huge bag to carry :smile:

    But to interject. I LOVE my AS corriere. I find myself wanting to use it everyday but I can't always.

  4. Thanks so much folks! And thank you for directing me to earlier threads!
  5. Yay!! Good to know. That description has me written ALL over it! And getting one of these babies is on my to-do list!! :biggrin:
  6. I don't think the corriere would fit A4 size documents. The ciao ciao would be better.