Corriere as a diaper/baby bag?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I currently only have buon viaggio and use that as my baby bag for my boys. I been thinking (constantly) about a campeggio and now a corriere. My mom saw a campeggio and told me it's HUGE. I guess since I'm starting to pack lighter for my two, I might not need a campeggio or even a cucciolo. I just started noticing the corriere and the style grew on me in an instant. I know they have them at the outlets and thought it might be nice to have a different Tokidoki bag to use as a bag.

    Has anyone had any experience using it as a baby/diaper bag thing? I usually fit in my buon viaggio the following:
    three diapers
    pack of wipes
    three small bottles
    small container of formula
    small container of goldfish
    my wallet, small camera, and cell phone
    Would these things fit in a corriere without busting it out? I like the look of the corriere flat...and not overpacked...and since I can't see the bag in person I can't judge how it might be. If you could share what you can fit in a corriere before it looks bulging that would be awesome. Oh and by the way...would you choose Pirata or AS. I was afraid AS would get dirty easily but I'm not too big on the Pirata print though. I'll admit though that AS has grown on me. The pirata print seems more dirt resistant...if you know what I mean.

    Any help or advice would be great. I'm kind of petite, about 5'4" and usually a size 2. Would a corriere look to big on me? Thank you so much for all your help!
  2. I think that would be a tight fit in the Corriere and would make it look bulky. The Campeggio is a great diaper bag IMO. It's not huge and it stays flat so it's easy to carry or you can hang it on a stroller. Hope that helps!
  3. I don't carry baby things, but I do have 2 Corrieres and I don't think it's big enough for that stuff.
  4. Hi! I have an 8 1/2 month old and a 5 year old and i could definitely tell you that the corriere is a bit too small for all the stuff we carry. i recently purchased a pirata corriere cuz i fell in love with the style of the bag. Like you, i use my BV's as diaper bags and I am so amazed at what i could fit into it. I mean, when we go out I like to be prepared for anything. So I was a little disappointed when i got the corriere cuz it doesn't fit as much as the bv does. its a great bag though! I use it whenever I don't have the kids with me or when its just me and my 5 year old. :p
  5. Ahh good to know...I guess I'll look for a Buon Viaggio then. *sigh* I sort of am avoiding the Campeggio since it looks so big and well once the kids get older I don't want to be the big bag lady. When I'm not toting bottles and formula I just need a bag for two sippies and two dipes. undecided. I feel like I gotta own all the prints. But I'm so stuck on the same few bag styles. I would love to have a BV in Inferno...I see you have one! Lucky!
  6. Maybe this will help you.. Here are pics of my old Pirata BV and my Inferno Campeggio on my dummy.. I have to say that I love my Campeggios (I own 3) to bits and I think its a great diaper bag. I also use it as a purse when I am alone. Because it isnt has big when it doesnt have that many things in it... Hope the pics help you decide... :tup:

    Pirata BV

    Inferno Campeggio
  7. great pics! that helped me a lot.