Corrente, anyone?

  1. Has anyone ever purchased a Corrente bag? I'm in love with this one:

  2. That's so pretty. You have the best taste. Can't wait til you post your collection!

    I've never seen those bags before. Really unique!
  3. You know what? I'm going to do my collection pics next week. I have several bags on the way and when they arrive, I'll do it! I never have.
  4. Yay! Can't wait
  5. That's such a cute bag - it'd be perfect as a tote for school!
  6. I love it. It also comes in brown and black. I ordered the blue (may have been the last one in blue, but the other colors are great, too).

    Oh, it would be a great school tote. Here's the description

    Frequent trips to the Natural History Museum inspired this whimsical tote. A chic alternative to the conventional briefcase, this functional leather bag has reinforced handles, interior pockets and nickel hardware. It is large enough to hold a laptop, files and everyday essentials, yet ergonomic enough to fit comfortably under the arm. It is a must for the creative professional.
    Height: 16"
    Width: 14"
    Depth: 4"
    Handle drop: 10"
    Magnet snap closure
    Made in Brooklyn
  7. whoa i love that bag! seriously! i love the black and gray version of it. i think the price is pretty reasonable too

    does anyone know about the quality of corrente bags?
  8. I know! After I ordered the blue, I was thinking the black and gray was amazing. And then the bone one was so pretty, too!

    I did a search and saw that clarabellanyc had a trunk show with the designer of these bags. Her name is Corrie. Anyway, I was told that they are very nice and that the leather ages beautifully.

    Here's the link the Clarabella. Some gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.
  9. Wow that's a really cute bag. I like the weave of the handle.
  10. I've never seen that but its is very cute! You find the most interesting pieces! I can't wait to see your collection!!
  11. Awww.... I love that bag! The color is pretty and the bird is so unique.
  12. You know, I am having so much fun with my "off the beaten trail" searches. It's actually a blast finding new designs.
  13. I really like the look of this bag - I am a huge bird lover. Very much looking forward to your review, I may have to pick up one of these....

    When you get it, can you please post pics of the interior? Thanks! :flowers:
  14. ^^I will.^^

  15. I was just about to ask if you would do this, I'm excited to see all 436 of your bags.