Correlation between Hashimoto disease and miscarriage

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  1. hi..this is my first post here and I really need your help on this..
    I just suffered a miscarriage this Monday. very emotional and sad at the moment but I'm trying to move on..
    So I live in a country where medical doctors/hospitals are not as advance compared to US, or even my neighboring country Singapore. Last August, I did a general check up at one of the Singapore hospital and the result shows I had a subclinical hypothyroid (TSH was 6). Since I was just married and plan to have kids soon, I rushed to see an endocrinologist (one of top doctors in my country) and he did a blood check. TSH at that time was within range (3) and he also checked my anti TPO. anti TPO was a positive, concentration level at that time was 481. He said I potentially have a hypo/hyperthyroid in the future but he said it doesnt mean anything for now. So he didnt prescribe me any medicine. He told me not to worry as it wont affect my fertility and just go ahead trying to conceive.
    The next month in December I got pregnant, was so happy about it. We were rushed back to the doctor in case he needs to put me on med and he suggested to do a test for free T4. Result was good and my level is at the upper limit of the range. I asked if we need to check the others (TSH, T3 etc) but he said he only need to check Free T4 for pregnant women. We were told to get back there in 4 weeks. Before we have the chance to see him again, I was miscarriage. I was on my 11th weeks, but the baby stopped to grow at 8th weeks. We have heard the heartbeat when the baby was 6th weeks, so it's not a blighted ovum.
    Now after the miscarriage, I am trying to find the reason. Not because I need to blame somebody, but I wanna make sure I do whatever necessary to prevent this to happen in the future. I read that so many articles which made me drawn a conclusion that I am having hashimoto disease since the beginning, and that all this while I should have been treated to prevent the consequences both to the baby and the mother. I'm very angry at the moment because I feel that my endocrinologist didn't mitigate all risks related to my pregnancy.
    Need your opinion on this, and for those who live in Singapore - may I know a good reproductive endocrinologist there? thanks in advance.
  2. just to add - when I saw the doctor in December I gained 4 kg in a month which I just realised could be because of the hashimoto/mild hypothyroid I suffered. Now after the D/C and as I wrote this post, I have lost the 3kgs I gained.
  3. I have no idea about the medical side of this but please please don't be too hard on yourself. Many women have miscarriages for no real reason at all. By all means, follow your instincts but please don't blame yourself for what was probably just bad luck. Hugs mama, you're doing everything you can! So sorry for your loss.
  4. thank you for your encouragement dear. my husband keep saying it's just a bad sperm/egg but I still cant accept that. maybe time will heal..

  5. Totally agree ...hugs
  6. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say I'm really sorry for your lost. Please don't be so hard on youself! I don't know if I can be of any use, but I recently gave birth to my son a couple weeks ago and I have hyperthyroid. I would have your endocrologist check all your tsh levels to be sure they are in range. If appropriate, he/she will need to prescribed you medication during your pregnancy.
  7. Hey, I'm so sorry you have joined the club.. I'm part of it too. Three times.

    First - big, BIG virtual hug to you and your husband. Be gentle with yourself, ok?

    Second - grieve as you feel necessary

    Three - do not blame yourself. There are so many reasons for this happening.

    Please PM me. I'm happy to chat with you about it all.
  8. Hi, I have hypo + Hashimoto. Also, I have Antiphospholipid ab. During my pregnancy (I got pregnant almost during 1st month of TTC or so) I had to take my usul thyroid drug (my endocrinologist increased the dosage when I needed it) + eparine + aspirin. I had a IUGR at 34 weeks, at 36 weeks I had an emergency c-sec but I now have a 17 months baby.
    I was very very paranoid about blood test, etc during pregnancy and I did check my thyroid levels every 20 days or so.
    What my endocrinologist said is that is very important to have TSH beetween 1 and 2 to be able to to continue a pregnancy.