Correction On T'Georgianos Sale

  1. For those of you who may have read my earlier post regarding T'Georgianos, I just received this email from Tatyna Sharoubim. It appears that there was a programming error on their site causing items to appear to be on sale when in fact they were not!! After having told Tatyna about the Purse Forum, she checked it out for herself. It wasn't until after she saw my post that she became aware of the error on the T'Georgianos site, and she is having it corrected immediately. Below is the email I received from her. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    "I checked out the Purse Forum. What a great blog site for online
    shoppers!!! I did notice that you wrote something on your post that
    isn't correct-the bags should not be discounted 40% from their original
    price when added to your shopping cart. It must be some error with our
    website that we will have fixed. Could you please update your post so
    that your readers are not misinformed. I would hate to upset them when
    they realize that they are not getting the discount they read they were.
    If the items are not listed on sale or you don't see an already reduced
    price before entering the shopping cart, then the item is not on sale. I
    am sorry for this minor misunderstanding and I will have the problem
    fixed as soon as possible. Thanks. Everyone can contact me still to
    receive a 20% discount at anytime on all items."

    Tatyana Sharoubim