Correction on Price Increase

  1. I want to apologize to all the members of the Purse Forum. Our buyers made a mistake in our computer system causing the prices of our handbags to be increased premature. All of the Nordstrom boutiques have been contacted now and the prices are back to what we were selling them at. The price increase will not officially take place until November 1st.

    I am deeply sorry for the confusion, I was merely posting the information that was given to me yesterday.

    This is good news, however. You guys have time now to buy these pieces until they really do go up.
  2. Wow.....U CAN almost hear the entire CHANEL forum taking a deep breath of relief...ROFL..THANKS!!!
  3. No problem Jill!
  4. ^^^
  5. Thanks for the info, CHANELboy.:sweatdrop:
  6. The Nov 1st date corresponds to the date when the boutiques will be increasing their prices. At least you will all be on a level playing field now.
  7. Great news! I was about to panic. lol
  8. so it's not september e?
  9. Haah..ya good news although its only temporary Yikes....if those are going to be the new prices, thats going to still be pure insanity.
  10. How about HK? I'll be there in November...Should I just get one more bag before then?
  11. Thanks Lucas! You always come through for us. We all just had heart attacks three months premature, LOL!
  12. Now we can feel like we're getting them on sale.
  13. YAY! November! more time to get more bags! thanks...I don't feel so rushed to make a decision anymore
  14. Phew! Even though it nearly gave me a heart attack, I'm glad now that I know which bags are increasing and how much.
  15. at least we know how much they're increasing prices by now.