Correction On LV multicolor discontinuation

  1. Someone posted that maybe E luxury was only discontinuing the LV multicolor, so I called LV direct and they said they are NOT going to end the line, only E Luxury will. Wish they would have told me that when I went on their site and chatted with their representative.

    So ladies, no rush buying of LV multicolor is necessary...unless of course we want to :amuse:
  2. Thanks for the clarification on that :biggrin:
  3. thanks! that sounds like an excuse to make a trip to LV!
  4. Still, that bothers me because I do most of my LV shopping on eLuxury.

    I'm too lazy to drive to a boutique & if I do, I will end up getting more than what I went for. Too dangerous. LOL
  5. THANK GOD! i'm in love with the mc line! i want my first lv purchase do be a mc speedy
  6. GOOD ONE!
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