Correction No Sale on PNY Wallets

  1. Hello everyone from the forum. I am sorry to let you all know that there is no sale on the PNY wallet or on any wallets at this time. I work for Chanel at the Bellagio and verifyed this information with the managers there. Sorry for the inconvience and if there are any questions please call the boutique. Thank You.
  2. Would you reveal your name? With only 10 posts, I'm having a hard time believing I was lied to (or misinformed) by Jenny Tsu at Bellagio. Why would she quote me sale prices of these wallets if they weren't on sale?
  3. According to his first post, his name is Jason :shrugs:

    I'll just go by your post Roey since you were able to get wallets on sale :tup:
  4. ^ He's an SA at the Bellagio!
  5. Well, I guess I will find out today when Jenny calls me back since she has to do a charge-send from another store which wasn't opened yesterday while we were on the phone. I didn't mean to be snarky to Jason, but she was typing into the computer looking up the sale prices as we spoke! It isn't unusual for managers to be more clueless than their own employees (from my experience dealing with management in previous jobs). So unless Chanel gave the sale direction to the store in error and rescinded it, I am going with the sale info!
  6. i hope you're right roey! i called last nite after i saw your post but was told there is no sale so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there has been some miscommunication...and in any case thanks so much for at least trying to share the info!
  7. oh well.....the PNY wallet looks great, please keep us posted roey!
  8. Okay, here's the update from Chanel Bellagio. Please read this information carefully and DO NOT contact the boutique for a sale wallet.

    The PNY and Outdoor wallets are in the process of being transfered to the Woodbuy Commons Outlet in New York where they will be sold at the sale prices. In other words, the boutiques will not be having a sale on these wallets.

    Woodbury Commons DOES NOT do charge-sends unfortunately. If you want a wallet you must go in person.

    So, yes, a markdown, but not at the boutiques, as I wasn't able to get mine after all.
  9. Looks like Jason or hockey17 was right. :sad:
  10. I don't know why he didn't post the specifics for us last night. They are still technically reduced, just not at the boutiques.

    I think it is best for a mod to close this thread, as well as the other thread.
  11. Jason is my SA at Chanel Bellagio, and has helped me many times track down an item, (bags and costume jewelry). He knows his stuff, and is always a pleasure to deal with :tup:
  12. It also appears it's going to take awhile for the wallets to trickle into Woodbury Commons... we're talking months versus weeks according to WC.
  13. Yeah, I called them and was told they wouldn't arrive until months from now, ahh... maybe they're being walked over? :lol:

  14. I'll keep an eye on Woodbury Commons, I'm up there all the time. I'll post if I should see them there.
  15. roey, I think you're being needlessly short with Jason. he was only trying to help and obviously has not been a regular poster on this forum. i think it was very nice of him to come try to tell us the correct information.