Correcting my posture?

  1. My shoulders roll forward and my neck leans forward also. Ive read a few times your ears should be over your shoulders but mine definitely are not. My neck always hurts and I don't know if maybe this is why. I love the way my hair looks pulled back in a bun from the front but I don't wear it out like that much because from the side you can see my head forward so much.

    Any advice?
  2. try yoga. it really aligns your spine (and whole body) back to where it should be. in the mean time, take a quickie tip from my own yoga practices...clasp your hands behind your back and straighten your elbows and pull your shoulders down with it. this will automatically rotate your shoulders to where they should be, and if your posture is as bad as you say, it will be like an instant massage for you. you also mentioned neck aches, while your in that position, roll your head and neck around...feels great!
  3. Like bagaholic85 suggested, yoga is a good place to start. I also think Pilates with a great teacher can help with your posture. Beginning ballet classes can too since the emphasis is strongly on posture and standing up straight. Maybe even regular visits to a chiropractor.

    All these things take time and I imagine it is something one must continue working at for years. I know I am always striving for good's quite a process for me as I tend to sway my back.
  4. pilates is great for posture. I have a tendency to slouch and it helps me. And then just trying to make yourself sit or stand straight whenever you think about it helps too.
  5. ^ ITA. Anytimes you catch yourself slouching, pull your shoulder back, elongate your neck straight upwards (not forwards) and correct your posture. It's habit more than anything else, but you want to correct it before your back slouches permanently and you can't get rid of the hunchback LOL.

    Do the "corrections" slowly - don't just pull everything back in a snap - take a deep breath in, gently improve your posture and exhale...
  6. I had terrible posture too! My trainer recommended that I stand with my back against the wall for a few minutes (this forces your posture to be correct), so I could feel what correct posture is like. She also recommended doing this while strength training to focus on shoulder and back muscles and you can't cheat. As your muscles become stronger they pull your back into it's correct alignment. And you also need to keep up with the ab work too.
  7. Horseriding is great for improving your posture as well, because if you sit all slouched up on a horse it just won't respond to your movements.

    Not only that but it gives you a great ass!
  8. Visit a chiropractor too!