Correct way to apply color corrector (powder)?

  1. err .... where'd my post from last nite go?? :shrugs:


    I bought Physician's Formula in green to combat my ruddiness. I've never understood how to use correctors properly. I tried it with my foundation already in place. It seemed to help cover the red alot but I don't want to find out that I'm walking around with a green face. :greengrin:

    Since it is a pressed powder compact -- am I supposed to use it AFTER my foundation is in place? Is it correct only cream color correctors go on BEFORE the foundation?
  2. I use a concealer brush, dab on the green powder just a teeny bit, and brush onto each red spot on a clean moisturized face, ensuring the powder is just a thin film over the ruddy spot. Then I apply foundation over whole face. Red spots are perfectly concealed.

    I heard you should use powder concealer if you use powder/mineral foundation, cream based concealers for cream foundations (including stick form) and liquid concealer for liquid foundation for best results, never mixing the combinations. For liquid and cream concealers you may have to adequately cover the spots. And always under foundation or you'd look spotty.

    Since your foundation is in the form of a pressed powder compact, you may use powder concealer first, then use a kabuki or other thick foundation brush to apply the foundation over concealed spots.
  3. Thank you, Angelah!!! :flowers:

    Your tips were very helpful, I am printing the tips so I remember.

    I had looked at my face this afternoon when the green was OVER my foundation. I looked like death warmed over, like a grey zombie (did not go out today)... yipes.

    Shall apply it in the proper order in the morning...