-- Correct pronounciation?

  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me the correct pronounciation of "Cambon" correctly? I don't want to sound like an idiot calling in. My guess would be "comm-boe" with the "n" silent, but I'm not entirely sure. Thanks a lot!
  2. the "n" is silent, sort of..haha...its kind of a nasal "n" ...exactly like in "vuitton"
  3. When I was calling around looking for Reporters, one of the s/a's in I believe the Florida Boca or Tampa store corrected me snottily.

    I said Cambon, with a short o sound. Her retort: CamBONE - with a long o sound. Needless to say, she did not get my business. :smile:
  4. ^ That's horrible that she responded in such a way! :amazed:
  5. right, it's Cam-BONE. But really, what a rude sales girl.
  6. :blink: No you don't pronounce the n! and the o is nothing like the o in 'bone'!
    It's really difficult to explain, but I found this: (lesitelaplume.free.fr)

    "A" is not too tricky ; nevertheless it is different from any kind of "A" pronounciation in English. The closer form is found in the... "O" of towel or just exactly vowel. But the French "A" still remains more "open" : just open your mouth really (take care not to swallow some flies) and let your throat work :biggrin:

    you do the same with the o (but close your mouth more, and it's not 'ow') plus don't pronounce the n!

    I hope I was a bit clear:hrmm:
  7. Yes, the 'bone' pronunciation is an anglicization, and not the correct french pronunciation of 'cambon.'

    It's hilarious that that snooty clerk was trying to correct the pronunciation of others -- likely she'd correct native french speakers' pronunciation and think herself justified.

    There's nothing wrong with popularized anglicizations, that make it easier for non-french people to order things or to refer to things -- many french words actually joined the english language that way, or so I've been told. But it's ridiculous for a clerk to tell anybody pronouncing things in the proper french way that they are pronouncing somethin incorrectly!
  8. Next time, ask her the correct pronunciation for "commission".

  9. LOL, you are right. I'm Southern so I don't say n's in the typical manner anyways. Thank God for being fluent in french though.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :amuse: