Correct pronounciation Dior Addict? Bourjois?

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  1. How do you pronounce "Dior Addict"?

    Is it "ad-ikt" or "uh-dikt"?

    How do you pronounce "Bourjois"?

    Thank you!
  2. how about guerlain?
  3. Like you would say in English, no? Ad-ict. "Uh-dict" sounds like you have a foreign accent.

    As for "Guerlain," I treat it like a French word. "Guerre-lein."
  4. Bourjois-boor-jwah? i think that's how it's said. not sure though
  5. Thanks.

    Ad-ict is a noun

    Uh-dict is a verb (like addicted)

    I couldn't figure out whether it's a noun or verb....
  6. yup yup that's how bourjois is pronounced!
    and it is ad-ict
    and guerre-len
  7. I'm pretty sure addict's a noun, sonya. :yes: So, ad-dict.

    I agree that the nearest you can spell Bourjoir phonetically is Boor-jwah.

    Guerlain is gurr-lan, I think. Like salle de bain is sal de ban.