Correct Process for NPB

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  1. Hi, I just have a quick question about the NPB process. I have three nonpaying bidders right now - three (on cheap items too)! Out of seven items sold. It's endlessly frustrating. Anyway, I know to file a nonpaying bidder report, then wait for the 8 days to pass...that's where I am at now. My question is - do I then leave negative feedback before or after I close the dispute (saying that I want the transaction canceled and want my listing fee back)?
  2. i would def. leave negative feedback AFTER closing the dispute choosing 'I no longer wish to communicate with or wait for the buyer'. buyer receives an unpaid item strike and loses feedback privilege (useful if she/he decides to give you negative feedback for no reason). however, i always try to communicate with buyers and send them payment reminders at least twice explaining the consequences before i do this.
  3. If the buyer responds to the UPI, wether they pay or not they can still leave fb. They will also be able to leave FB if they don't reply however, ebay will remove the neg. and the comments will remain.

    If you close the dispute with the "I no longer wish to communicate" option they will still get a strike even if you don't leave neg. fb.
  4. Thanks for your responses! I understand that non-paying buyers can still post lies about me in feedback, but I'm so tired of all of these nonpayments, I've got really good feedback and am frankly willing to take that risk. It's been over 2 weeks with no contact at all, I've sent two invoices and eBay has sent reminders.
  5. It stinks, if they don't pay they shouldn't be able to leave neg fb. I would just file the NPB and hope they don't respond. You really should wait until after the NPB is closed before leaving fb, they may decide to pay.

    Good luck to you
  6. Thanks again, 4theluvof-it. It makes sense to me now that I should close the dispute before leaving feedback, I guess I was worried that I wouldn't be able to comment further on the transaction (or leave feedback) if I closed the dispute. But I'm clear now, thanks again!
  7. Yep, definitely close the dispute first. If your bidders never responded to the dispute, you can leave neg FB without worrying about retaliation. If they did not respond to the dispute and try to leave you neg FB, eBay will remove the "negative point" against your FB score. Their comments will still remain, though.