Correct measurements of the Batignolles Vertical?

  1. I just received the BV in the mail from elux, and the dimensions are different than both eluxury and lv's website.

    mine: 12"L x 12"h x 5.4"

    elux: 9 L" x 15.3 H" x 5.4" W
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Mono Batig Vericl

    lv: 12" L 13.4 x 5.5

    What up? did they change this style of bag at any time? my bag seems small, the minute i took it out i wondered if they had sent me a regular, but it's definitely not a regular. Just wondering if anything changed or anyone can give me any feedback on all these strange dimensions.
  2. The elux one is wrong...honestly, I think LV tends to be the most accurate (website-wise, not the catalogue, which is what elux goes by). The reason why there's 13.4 is because it is measuring where the BV is widest (which is at the bottom)...although it looks more like 13 inches to me. At the top, it looks like it's approx. 9 inches give or take. Where elux got 15.3 is beyond me (maybe they copied it from the BH).

    The only way I can accurately tell how big a bag truly is, is by counting the fleurs/monogram that is on the far, I find this method foolproof (*knock on wood*). The measurements that elux and LV are really arbitrary.