Correct me if I'm wrong....

  1. :weird: The Chanel Cambon line is ONLY made in FRANCE correct?? not italy germany or anywhere else......
  2. also how many sizes in the tote are there??
    there is the petite (small hand one)
    is there a medium??
    and then there is the large shopper tote one correct??
  3. I think some of the pieces are made in Italy as well. Both my Cambon bags are made in France but I do remember the SA saying that some styles are made in Italy.

    As for tote sizes, I think there are three: small, medium and the large. I have the medium tote, I tried on the large and that is a good size as well but they didn't have the color I wanted so I bought the medium one.
  4. thanks!!
  5. I know some of these are made in Italy and authentic as well
  6. I just got mine at the Chanel BOutique and it was made in Italy. lol that was the first thing i did, see where it was made!
  7. my pink cambon is made in france :smile:
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