Correct me if I'm wrong. HELP!

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  1. I'm having a PP dispute with the seller of this item

    She asked me to send it back to her and she'll give me a refund. She insists the MJ stam is authentic, and she said she'll be happy to resell it for a better price. This auction was listed in the eBay auctions to be wary of, and forenfinal agreed this is fake (Thanks). The seller claims to be a member of tPF. I told her that her auction was on the list to be wary of, and she replied she has proved them wrong on several occasions. OK, here I need all the experts help. Is there any authenticator here would say this is authentic? Please correct me if I am wrong, I would apologize to the seller if it was my mistake.

    Another thing is that the serial number is sp06 197, I remember reading it from somewhere that the serial number of spring collection would be s06 xxx or ss06 xxx, correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks a lot.
  2. Yes, this is def. fake. Riri zippers are not pointed EVER, they have a rounded top. From what I have learned by research and reading tons of posts, if even one thing is wrong as far as a detail is concerned the bag is fake. Also, the bag's shape is off...what worries me is the seller is no longer a reg user....Good luck in trying to get that $ back!
  3. I agree, this bag is fake. Have you contacted Paypal to see what you should do since the seller is no longer a registered user?
  4. I opened up a Paypal dispute, and the seller contacted me asking me to close the dispute. She said as soon as I send back the purse, she'll do a refund. I asked her to do a refund plus shipping first, then I'll send it back. She then offered to give me partial refund, then give me the rest back after I send it out with a tracking number. Is it safe to do that?
  5. ahaha.. by all means, I do NOT know stams well at all, but that pointed zipper head sticks out like a sore thumb. fake fake fake.
  6. No!

    Tell her if she sends a partial refund, you'll only send the strap of the bag back...

    Tell her you want a full refund, asap, or just leave it to go through paypal.
  7. Do not close the dispute!! I could be wrong but I think once a dispute is closed Paypal won't reopen it. So if you close the dispute and send the bag bag back what's to prevent her from keeping the bag and your money? Oh and did you pay with a credit card? If so you should contact the credit card company and have them do a charge back immediately.
  8. ^^ ditto to that
  9. haha, Luna, send the strap back, it's so funny but it makes sense. I will definitely wait for her to give me refund plus shipping first.

    Melly, I already contacted the credit card, and they will do a charge back. But I think I should give the seller an opportunity to deal with this before asking the credit card company to do a charge back.

    Shoebuyer 37, Luna, and Melly, thanks a lot for your support. The seller actually said she is a member of tPF, and she's also an authenticator on the forum. If she were, I am really curious how she's going to respond the post.
  10. i highly doubt that. any of the reputable members of tpf would never sell a fake on eBay. it's just morally wrong... waaaay wrong.

    I would definitely ask her what her name on tpf is. call her bluff.
  11. Unfortunately being a member of this forum does not mean anything. In fact, this is not the only fake bag she has sold. The hideous attempt at a MJ Elise she sold on August 11th is fake in so many ways. Please do not let yourself be taken by this scam artist. Good luck!
  12. To the last paragraph...I HIGHLY doubt that. She may be a member of TPF, but an authenticator??? That just sounds wrong. If she were, she would know about all these auth. points. Let us know how it goes for you.
  13. Good call. I'd love to know who she is! :graucho:
  14. Yes, me too!
  15. That's interesting... well... just to make it clear, it definitely wasn't me or forenfinal!!

    And no to partial refunds.. I think I read somewhere that a seller can only refund once - if it's a partial, then that is all you're going to get. I could be wrong about this, but I wouldn't chance it!