Correct me if i am wrong: Is this not THE most horrifying "birkin" ????

  1. I was browsing, and came across this from a girl's closet.

    A two-tail croc????? :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

  2. oof!
  3. lol sick!
  4. I think I'm going to be ill....excuse me...
  5. :wtf::sick:
  6. Maybe it was Siamese twins?
  7. LOL, she lives in australia. U def should go and tell her to burn those "things" GF!!!!! :okay:
  8. My eyes!
  9. Those bags are painful to look at. Yikes.
  10. what the heck????!!!!!
  11. ew!
  12. WHERE????????:wtf:

    I'll go around with my matches, now!!
  13. Wow- those are truly hideous! :wtf:
  14. Ew! what the...what?!
  15. What about THIS little beauty?: