Correct Kelly clochette length

  1. What is the standard legnth of a clochette, particularly for a Kelly? Has it changed over the years?

    I am looking at an older Kelly right now (15 years old), and the clochette when hung from the ring is longer, is about the length of the bag. Is that right?

    I have a newer Birkin and Kelly and the clochette on those bags don't hang down as far.

  2. Actually, we've noticed that even today, the tirette will vary in length.
  3. Tokyogirl I distinctly recall this question being asked before but I can't for the life of me find the answer for you. I'm sure someone will know the answer :smile:
  4. HG and Handybags, thanks for your response. Interesting that there is no "standard" length of a tirette, when every other dimension of a H bag is generally the same in all bags.

    The Kelly that I am looking at (and am about to own --yes, nothing like a last minute check) has a SUPER long tirette...
  5. tg, how exciting -- can't wait to hear more when it's yours!

    FWIW, my 1940's kelly has a super long tirette, and there's also no stitching on it. however, who knows whether it's original to the bag?
  6. thanks DQ -- am wondering whether the older bags have longer tirette?
  7. Dear tokyogirl

    I've owned quite a few vintage Kellys and some of them have had long tirettes, although they still can vary today. Some vintage ones have been so long that have nearly reached the bottom of the Kelly. The shape of the Cloche-tte can vary too and on some of the real oldies the tirette is just a single unsewn strip of leather.

    Hope this helps.

  8. fleurs-- yes, immensely helpful!

    I had no idea that the length of the tirette could be so different.

    Actually, until today, I obviously didn't even realize that that part was called the tirette!